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farmers complain of less fertilizer in 50kg bags | rajkot news - times of india

by:Kenwei      2019-09-15
RAJKOT: farmers complain that the quantity of fertilizer bags in Jetpur warehouse of Gujarat chemical fertilizer and chemical Co. , Ltd. is not standardized (GSFC).
A lot of people find the weight of di
Phosphate (DAP)to be less.
This problem was exposed after the farmer Chandan Bhuva of navagade village near Jetpur found several bags of weight (each of 50kg)was 400gm-700gm less.
The price of 50 kg bags is Rs 1,450.
Pal Ambalia, president of the Gujarat jisang Congress who arrived at Jeptur depot, said, \"fertilizer is subsidized by the government.
We found this difference in the warehouse operated by the GSFC 100% subsidiary GATL.
The GSFC acknowledged the gap and said an internal investigation had been started.
\"A shortage of up to 400 grams was found in several fertilizer bags sold at GSFC\'s Jetpur warehouse.
GSFC delivers the right weight fat bag on the automatic weighing machine.
However, in order to determine the cause of the shortage found in several bags sold from the warehouse, an internal investigation was set up.
\"The company says it is also immediately arranging the installation of weighing machines in each warehouse so farmers can buy fertilizer after making sure the bags are heavy.
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