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farmer groups in kerala run their own markets, eliminate middlemen

by:Kenwei      2019-08-20
While selling agricultural products, farmers face many problems and difficulties.
Ironically, the profits of agricultural products are not good for growers and consumers except for middlemen.
Breaking this deadlock has been a topic of discussion and controversy in many countries for decades.
\"Recognizing the seriousness of the problem, the Kerala government has established a commission for the promotion of vegetables and fruits (VFPCK)
Help farmers sell their own agricultural products.
The council has developed a new group marketing system centered on production and farmersparticipatory.
Farmers from different villages across the state formed a self-help group called Swasraya Karshaka Samithi (SKS)
The chief executive of VFPCK said. V. V. Pushpangadan.
20 per samiti-
As a member, 25 farmers are responsible for the procurement and marketing of products.
Samithi elected a new official every two years.
VFPCK has established different marketing locations throughout the region where members bring their products to sell.
Unlike several other trading sites in the country, no union is responsible for loading and unloading products from vehicles.
Farmers must do it themselves, or they can do it with their own labor.
At present, 600 farmers are members of SKS, and about 150 non-member farmers have also taken advantage of the benefits of SKS.
Traders are notified every day to inspect the products on site.
At present, there are no storage facilities for these products, mainly bananas and vegetables.
Kattakada, a farmer member, is a member of Trivan, sir. N.
Janardhanan Pillai said, \"this Committee has authorized us to get better prices for our products.
Our bargaining power has increased.
We all have a say right now, and fortunately, there has been no political intervention so far.
\"Add additional support to the negotiation of the market information center (MIC)
Detail the daily market prices of bananas and all other vegetables collected from different markets outside Kerala and even the state.
The board provides books and appropriate authorized platform scales, furniture, telephone connections, land and buildings for all samitis across the state.
Some of these products have an annual turnover of more than Rs.
1 crore in the past year.
Sir, have a deep understanding of the price scheduleG. R.
Anil Kumar, regional manager of the committee, said, \"For example, the price of the Nendran banana variety is RS.
There are 30 1 kg and red banana varieties in Rs. 42 a kg.
The price is changing every day and we will check it.
When the farmers string the bananas in, we pay them 90 immediately.
\"There is no waiting period or credit. For every Rs.
The wages of 100 farmers are rupees. 95.
Rs in remaining balance.
Three are paid as bonuses during festivals like Onam and Rs.
2 for administrative expenses.
Unlike the traditional agricultural extension system, the dissemination of information is carried out by farmers in VFPCK.
The three peasant leaders are called farmers Masters (MFs)
Selected in each samithi and trained to lead each group.
They lead farmers in the fields of production, credit and marketing.
Membership enables farmers to receive credit, training and technical advice from council staff, but the benefits have gone beyond aspects related to production.
Unlike Krishi Vigyan Kendras of the Agricultural University, the VFPCK model has a unique extension method with office-
Less extensive, frequent visits to farms and families, and awareness-raising programmes such as campaigns and demonstrations.
Signed a memorandum of understanding with 11 banks in the state to issue credit to farmers.
The society evaluates credit
Through the participatory credit planning conference, the value and credit requirements of its members.
\"The concept of group marketing has been developed with a focus on empowering farmers and facilitating more effective decision-making for their product marketing.
This helps farmers to have a lot of goods and thus be able to negotiate better with wholesalers to \"optimize their Returns \".
\"A lot of trading has prompted traders to buy from samithis,\" he said . \"Pushpangadan.
Weighing is done by farmers themselves, transparent and accurate.
The loading and unloading of agricultural products is completed by the farmers themselves, ensuring careful treatment of agricultural products.
Prompt payment within the prescribed time limit is guaranteed as the debtor trader collectively strives to recover the money.
This helps them to reduce the cost of transportation and save time.
Please contact Mr For more details. G. R.
VIP anchika VFPCK Anil district manager-House No.
38, Chempakanagar, bread knot, Trivan-1, Phone: 0471-
2334480. Mob: 09447107254 and 9446455663.
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