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exit 15 work, hunterdon jail renovations among millions in capital projects

by:Kenwei      2019-09-06
Exit 15 of Route 78: $6 million.
Add a climbing lane to the steep mountain on Warren Glen Road (Route 519)
: Up to $8 million.
30-major renovationsyear-
Old County prison: $3 million.
Small items have increased by millions.
All of these are capital items that the freelancer is considering in preparing the 2014 County budget.
Heads of Departments presented their \"wishlist\" of capital projects in these years and years to come in front of the board on Wednesday \".
No decision was made at the meeting;
Director Matt Holt explained that the finance and administration department would compile all requests and submit a report to the freedom Holder.
The biggest figures for roads and bridges come from Tom Matthews, director of public works.
Although the work on the 15th export is very expensive, almost all of the expenses are paid by federal and state funds.
Still, since a county road (Route 513)
Among them, the county is the lead organization, and the design and actual construction will cost money before reimbursement can be made.
Mathews observed: \"We need to sit down and figure out how to get the money out,\" because it\'s a lot more money than the county is used to, even temporarily.
The main reason for this work is because the driver lined up on Route 78 to leave, creating a safety hazard on the highway.
The design is in progress;
He reported that the county is currently obtaining the right of way for the land it needs.
The federal-funded Warren Glen work is also on the right. of-
He said the acquisition method.
Other capital projects on his list include Highway 513 from the French town to the intersection of everitstown.
This will be funded primarily by the state, including milling and resurfacing, as well as eliminating two hazard curves.
One is at the New Crossroads on Gamel Road.
It is planned to grind and re-lay Highway 512 in the kaofeng area and carry out similar work on the Takahashi of Highway 513.
With the construction of the Costco store in ruitan Township about to begin, construction will be required on Highway 523 (
Walter Forland Avenue)Matthew pointed out.
The developer will pay for the installation of the traffic lights at the reinstalled intersection
Aligned intersection road, so it is aligned with Foran at the entrance to Square development, rartown Town, where Lowe, Wal-Mart and other stores are located.
Mathews reports that Foran Avenue will soon be \"fully operational\" due to all developments, and an additional lane will be needed in the future.
In other public works requests, he listed more than $600,000
The Bay extension of laritan Highway 12 county complex Bridge store.
\"Now, my $70,000 welding truck is parked outside,\" he said . \".
One of the bays can be used in winter to pre-
He added that concrete slabs were manufactured for bridge maintenance projects.
The rest of the reconstruction of about 80 sand pits at the Heron Glen golf course is also on the list.
Starting from last year, 59 projects will be repaired under a $326,140 contract approved by the free holder on November.
Mathews reports that the rest needs to be done, explaining that while course experts recommend rebuilding every 5 to 8 years, \"We have now pulled 13 to 14 out of the bunker
Liberty holder Rob Walton questioned the cost.
\"Why can\'t we just throw some sand in,\" he wondered . \".
Matthews retorted that drainage was needed;
Now the water is up and the sand is polluted by the soil. “If you go (to the course)
Two days after the storm, these sandpits were water-borne . \"
As director of land use and facility management, Frank Bell attended the meeting to discuss various projects, including prison renovations estimated at $3 million.
The kitchen, which was built in 1984, is still in use and requires major reconstruction, he said.
Lighting upgrades are also required for prisons to meet current government requirements and to improve heating facilitiesventilating-
The air conditioning system, he said.
Director Holt told Bell to break the work down into a series of projects so that they could be prioritized.
Agent Susan Hoffman\'s capital budget is handled by a new $150,000 computer software program for documents and finances in their office.
She noted that her receipt program used Lotus software, which was popular in the 1980 s.
Sheriff Fred Brown has relatively few capital requirements: the security equipment at the Justice Center is about $30,000.
He seeks $22,000 for x-
A ray machine and $7,500 for a metal detector.
They will be used at the back door of the court, where the head of the department and the person in the safe parking lot will enter.
He noted that the model Court security plan stated that everyone had to be screened, except for judges and law enforcement officers.
This article has been updated to reflect the most-
Current cost estimates for export 15 projects.
More news from Hunterton County: NJ.
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