excess baggage: airline starts weighing passengers

by:Kenwei      2019-08-18
Uzbek airlines are cracking down on overweight luggage.
Picture: Kurush PawarONE Airlines brings a new meaning to overweight luggage.
Uzbek Airlines has announced that it will start asking customers to stand on the scale after their hand luggage is weighed.
After the inspection, the customer will be required to go to the \"special weighing machine\" near the store door\"
In, said the carrier.
The Uzbek Airlines website says the measures are being introduced as part of the safety requirements of the International Air Transport Association.
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It is believed that this will not incur additional costs for overweight passengers, but it is unclear whether it is possible to prevent overweight passengers from boarding.
\"According to the rules of the International Air Transport Association, airlines are obliged to carry out routine procedures for pre-flight control of passenger weighing with hand luggage in order to comply with the requirements to ensure flight safety, Uzbek airlines said.
Passenger weight records will remain anonymous, according to the airline.
Conversely, if the passenger is a child, the weight will be classified according to gender or age.
\"We will thank you for your help and thank you in advance for your help in resolving our common flight safety mission!
The airline added in a seemingly passenger-specific language.
Uzbek airlines is not the first airline to weigh passengers.
On 2013, Samoa Airlines announced plans to charge passengers based on their weight.
The story first appeared on Fox News.
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