endless security battles

by:Kenwei      2019-08-28
Hey, time traveler!
This article is published at 10/5/12 (2649 days ago)
Therefore, the information in it may no longer be up to date.
Defense experts like to say that every measure has a response.
Okay, let\'s hope they\'re wrong about the underwear bomb. Al-
Al Qaeda foiled a plot to blow up an American.
The binding aircraft exposed a chilling new reality. Terrorist bomb-
The manufacturer has designed an underwear bomb made entirely of chemicals, including detonators, making the traditional pat-
Most airports in the world use downs and metal detectors.
It is unclear whether it will be detected by an advanced imaging screening device called \"naked\" X-. ray machines.
Some reports say it will be discovered, while others say it will clear the security risks.
But even if advanced technology may interrupt such a terrorist conspiracy, the problem is that many airports around the world have not deployed it, including many airports in major European cities.
Terrorist attacks 9-
On the 11th, the airport security work was sharply strengthened, which was very troublesome for passengers.
A year later, a man from Paris to Miami tried to detonate a bomb hidden in his shoes.
Security checks have strengthened again, and passengers are now used to taking off their shoes.
The emergence of more advanced weapons has led to newer screening equipment, which some travelers claim is a violation of privacy because they have made them \"bare \".
\"The problem today is that before travelers get on the plane, they need to take off all their clothes for a chemical test, and how far that safety can go.
Obviously, this is not a realistic choice.
But does this mean that airport security has reached the end?
It\'s unlikely, but the terrorists also don\'t reach their best abilities.
The best way to deal with terrorists is
Security personnel were trained at airports and radical intelligence services, which exposed new underwear bombs in Yemen.
At the same time, the battle of measurement-
Continue to take measures.
Hope we will always be one step ahead.
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