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drastic method to get australian strawberries back on shelves

by:Kenwei      2019-08-24
The panic of sewing needles found in strawberries sold in major supermarkets has spread to Washington state.
Source: because of the crisis caused by Australia\'s national needle pollution scare, strawberry growers were confused by the police, so strict new export rules were introduced.
All six states are investigating reports of tampering with needles or needles found in strawberries, as well as reports that extend today to apples and bananas.
Police fear that more than a week ago, a series of imitation attacks caused the crisis to spread beyond the original single grower in Queensland.
Exporters are now informed that they have to prove that their fruit has passed through metal detectors or x-
The federal Department of Agriculture will issue the machine before the license.
But a lot of people worry about the damage to Australia\'s reputation.
Strawberries have been planted.
Jennifer Rowlings, Queensland\'s strawberry industry official, said some trading partners in Russia and the UK have blocked Australian imports.
New Zealand announced this week that it will pull the Australian dollar-
Berries on supermarket shelves.
Police are investigating the discovery of a needle in an apple and a banana in northwest Sydney yesterday.
New South Wales Police Superintendent Danny Doherty said there were also reports today that a child at a school in the north of the state had found a needle in the fruit.
Superintendent Doherty said, \"This is an act of betrayal,\" and it is not yet clear to the police whether the case is the result of an act of imitation and that there is no definite motive or reason.
He said they saw all cases as real and stressed that food pollution was a serious crime and sentenced to 10 years in prison.
\"The consequences are terrible,\" said Superintendent Doherty . \".
\"This is a betrayal of the new State community and the country.
\"Police ruled out reports of strawberry contamination at a school in southern Brisbane today.
An urgent investigation into the allegations identified a false report.
In this case, we believe that no product is contaminated.
In the new state, there have been more than 20 incidents between the flower head and Albury, and there are also some isolated fruits.
Superintendent Doherty said they did not confirm the suspect or request, but the police received information from the community by blocking the person who committed the crime.
\"It\'s not funny --
\"We are at a moment when children are almost going to bite strawberries,\" he said . \".
\"It was by chance that we did not cause any significant harm to anyone.
To feed your family in the supermarket, this is a hysterical and dangerous adventure. ”Cases of self-
Pollution will also be seen as food contamination, a \"serious crime\" and could be sentenced to 10 years in prison, he said.
Month newssyny BREAKINGEXCLUSIVE @ 7NewsBrisbane @ NSWPolice is investigating a needle inserted into an apple in the northeast of Sydney,west. More to come. pic. twitter.
Com/fhdtrz3x lumetal detectors installeda metal DETECTORS have been installed on a fruit wholesaler in Western Australia as the needle-contaminated strawberries have been reported in the last two days
On Tuesday, police said they had received reports that needles had been found on strawberries in the suburbs of Perth in carlscott, spielwood and burcrek.
Jennifer Rowling, Queensland industrial development official, said the disruption has attracted worldwide media attention and countries are now blocking imports of Australian fruit.
\"The issue has been of concern as early as Russia and the UK, so some of our trading partners have either blocked imports of Australian strawberries or are talking about doing so, she said.
Earlier today, Queensland Prime Minister Annastacia Palaszczuk announced a $1 million fund to help farmers struggling with the strawberry needle crisis.
Palaszczuk MS said the money will be used to promote strawberries in the state, investigate how to improve traceability and integrity of the supply chain and support growers for the rest of the season.
\"Last week Queensland was a victim of an ugly, deliberate and despicable crime,\" MS Palaszczuk said . \".
\"The destruction of our strawberry industry is more than just an attack on hard-working growers and workers, which is present in almost every family and school lunch box.
\"There are about 150 strawberry growers in Queensland, producing the most from daboro, Belva, varumran, Elimbah, Caboolture, Stanthorpe and Bundaberg.
The value of Queensland strawberries is 2017-
$18 is expected to reach $0. 16 billion.
Growers produce about 15,000 tons of fruit per season, or up to 60 million pounds of strawberries.
\"Strawberry farmers say their bank has spoken to them by phone,\" MS Palaszczuk said . \".
\"I urge these banks to act in a responsible and compassionate manner.
\"A thin piece of metal seen in a pile of strawberries found in Queensland.
Source: AAPMs Palaszczuk reminds Queensland to cut off any strawberries before eating.
\"After my government granted the Queensland Police Department a $100,000 reward for the information that led to the arrest, the growers received an increase in this funding.
\"I call on anyone with information about criminals to come forward --
Think about what it would do if a toddler was handed a piece of contaminated fruit.
\"Yesterday, it was revealed that the pollution scare had spread across the country, and the Western Australian authorities confirmed the first case in the state.
On Monday afternoon, a public member went to the York police station west of Perth to report the case.
The spokesman said the strawberries were \"produced and packaged in Western Australia\", although the brand has not yet been released.
Last week, in a Coles supermarket in Brisbane, empty shelves usually filled with strawberries were seen.
Picture: AAPSource: AAPGrowers are working to put the fruit back on the supermarket shelves, and some suppliers have taken drastic measures to install metal detectors on the conveyor belt.
In WA, a supplier put A-
The state\'s third strawberry sits on shelves of Coles, Woolworths, Aldi, and IGA, and forks tens of thousands of dollars on metal detectors.
Vale Market agent Allstates Farms paid $30,000 for the device, which local farmers hope will help the troubled industry.
Manjeet Singh, quality control manager, told PerthNow that \"the strawberry is scanned and it stops if any metal is present . \".
\"It means people can buy these strawberries with confidence.
\"All existing stock and new stock will go through the scanner, punnet for punnet, tray for the tray, and then every tray will be labeled with safety.
\"This destruction has had a devastating impact on the industry.
Picture: AAP/picture Steve PohlnerSource: The Australian news group strawberry industry has been a piece since it first discovered a needle in a strawberry purchased in Burpengary, Queensland more than a week ago.
In this case, a person who bit the strawberry with a needle ended up in the hospital.
Since then, there have been reports of needles or needles on strawberries in New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria, South Australia, tazhou and the act.
Affected brands include Berry obsession, Berry delicacy, love berries, donibrook berries, delightful strawberries and Oasis.
Nationwide, there are numerous cases of intentional pollution of the culprit or culprit hunt.
Consumers are advised to chop strawberries before eating them. —
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