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doomsday cult calls credit cards satanic

by:Kenwei      2019-09-12
Nicholas, Russia (Reuters)-
On Monday, a Russian doomsday cult group that took refuge in Bunker said credit cards and food packaging barcodes were evil.
Some 30 followers from Russia and neighbouring Belarus, including 4 children, met on last October and blocked themselves on the hillside to escape what their missionaries said was about on April or 5
\"The most important thing for us is the children,\" said Alexander yelattonsev, an official from Penza State, Russia, who has been the main point of contact for the cult since the siege began.
\"They burned their passports and said all the plastic (credit)
\"Cards and barcodes on food packaging are Satan\'s job,\" he told reporters . \".
Yelatontsev said that people in the underground often come into contact with him and will only accept food if they do not use modern factory equipment for processing.
\"Now they ask for a cow so they can eat raw fresh boiled milk,\" he said . \".
Progress is slow, he said, but local authorities are negotiating with the group to leave their shelters.
\"Although their beliefs have been formed for a long time, it will not happen soon to convince them to come out,\" he said . \".
Local residents say the bunker is
The revolutionary monastery has a well, a kitchen and a place to sleep and pray.
On Friday, the entrance part of the bunker collapsed as rain and snow soaked the muddy hillside, leaving the ground.
The mudslide isolated seven women from other members of the group, who had to come out of the shelter and seek shelter in their nearby homes.
Bunker is located near the village of Nikolskoe, 750 km (450 miles)
Southeast of Moscow.
Russian authorities say the separatist faction of the Russian Orthodox Church is made up of Pastor Peter Kuznetsov, who believes the world will end in April.
Kuznetsov, who did not join his underground followers, said that God had given him different tasks.
He was arrested, but the psychiatrist found him unfit for trial.
Kuznetsov was temporarily released from a mental hospital and returned to Nicolas cozko with the woman who left the bunker.
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