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domestic air travel rules

by:Kenwei      2019-09-09
Domestic air travel does not need to comply with customs regulations, but regulations that all domestic travellers must comply with remain.
The safety regulations for air travel are constantly changing, so travelers should be kept abreast of any new safety measures.
In addition to the safety rules concerning boarding and baggage, the aircraft also has safety rules for passengers in flight.
Passengers must show their boarding pass and photo identification when entering the airport terminal.
People without boarding passes are not allowed to enter the terminal.
Before passing through the metal detector, the traveler must take off his jacket, shoes and anything that contains metal.
Because of this, it is recommended that travelers arrive at the airport at least 1 hour before the flight takes off. Carry-
Luggage must be small enough to be placed under the passenger\'s own seat or inside the overhead compartment.
Travelers can only carry one or two
Depending on the airline.
All extra or larger luggage should be checked on the plane before entering the terminal.
Liquid carried
The bag must be filled with bottles not greater than 3.
4 ounces, store a quart-
Every traveler has plastic bags of the size.
These bags, as well as electronic devices such as computers and video players, must be taken out of the items carried with them
On the bag, through X
They are optical machines.
The number of medicines and infant food/formula milk powder may be greater than 3.
4 ounces, as long as the quantity is reasonable and declared at the terminal checkpoint.
All passengers on board have to buckle on the seat to take off, the seat is in an upright position, the seat tray is folded, and all loose items are stored on the seat to be carried with youon bags.
Mobile phones and other communication devices will not turn on during flight, but on the other hand
The electronic equipment held can be used once the captain allows.
Passengers are not allowed to unfasten the seat belt and leave the seat until the airline captain closes the lighting sign indicating to fasten the seat belt.
Passengers will return to their seats at any time the captain opens these signs.
The same departure rules apply when landing.
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