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dog-tag discarded by nazi from auschwitz ss death head unit as he fled along rat run in czech forest to escape justice is found by man with metal detector

by:Kenwei      2019-08-28
A dog-
The label of a Nazi war criminal was found buried in the Czech forest, and he fled the Auschwitz death camp in the last pain of World War II to escape justice.
This terrible discovery took place in the liberlake mountains, more than 200 miles from the extinction camp, where about 1 million people were killed in the war.
Carrying ID number 1965,74-year-
The old label shows Nazi guards who secretly escaped through Odessa-
The Style Network belongs to Hitler\'s terrible SS. Totenkopf-
Sturmbann, literally translated as SS-
Head unit of death
Originally created in 1933, it is an independent unit within the SS, which is responsible for the murder management of the entire Nazi network.
German executions and concentration camps throughout occupied Europe. Metal-
Detector enthusiast Daniel gilku posted a photo of the label on social media and found it buried in a forest near the city of Harrachov near the Polish border.
It is estimated that between 6,500 and 8,000 SS men and women work in Auschwitz, established by Nazi Germany in the Polish town of Auschwitz occupied after Hitler\'s invasion in 1939.
This camp will become the largest killing machine in human history.
At the end of the war, as the Red Army advanced into the camp in Poland, thousands of officers and guards fled to escape revenge and justice.
The fate and identity of the guard is unknown, but Iga Bunalska of the Auschwitz research group told the Daily Mail: \"It is difficult to say who owns the label, except that he is a member of the SS of Auschwitz.
\"As a member of the SS, he clearly decided to get rid of the label to get rid of the punishment and consequences of his actions.
It\'s not surprising that he threw away his label.
If he is caught wearing it, he will be arrested and tried for a crime.
\"He may have killed people in the death march, and in the end he was afraid to face the consequences and decided to run away.
An evacuation route through the Czech Republic.
No more than 750 of the thousands of SS members working in Auschwitz were arrested or punished.
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