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dieting: a new discussion topic for the lads

by:Kenwei      2019-08-20
Sometimes you think diet is a woman\'s favorite, while men control their bodies through exercise.
When diyamoud Sheehan finally decided to take action on his gradual weight gain, he found you wrong.
Whenever I notice that there is extra pressure on one of my shirt buttons, it becomes common to question whether my other half of the washing machine \"shrinks one of my shirts again.
Other than that, I can\'t see more toes when I get a glimpse of the ground, and I think it may be time to admit that I may have joined the ranks of the average Irish man.
Cases of overweight, serious denial.
I\'m your typical Irish.
I love the hobtos, the chocolate, the Guinness book and the burger. . .
I like my portion size.
I am happy and confident when I have these, but self-confidence does not always dominate emotions.
Whether standing in the middle of the Mall Hall or leaning against the wall in the privacy of my own bathroom, I am like most people when I put these two loading steps on a weighing scale, every chocolate bar, Chinese takeaway, ice --
Desert cream and sugar
The drink that was full of returns stared at me. googletag. {});
Once only an area of women, lies about weight have now become one of the most acceptable and understandable lies men sell as UN
More equitable sex continues to be a huge struggle around personal weight.
The weight of a man has never really been seen as a taboo topic, probably because it is not a topic at all, however, as 70% of Irish men are overweight or obese, the problem is becoming more and more prominent in public --
In contrast, the proportion of women is 50%.
A food safety report published 14 months ago called \"man\'s food behavior\" found that Irish men eat more fat and salt and less fruits and vegetables, their food choices are more customary and convenient.
Concerns about healthy eating are more common among women.
We all know the statistics.
If the residents of Ireland continue to walk down the slippery slope, then we will soon become the fattest country in Europe, and we can collectively receive a prize of 2030.
Only 18% of the 36-year-old mento 50-
Compared with 44% of women in this age group, women in this age group are healthy in weight. googletag. {});
So with the weight problem coming up, I decided it was time to look at my weight and think about what the problem with me and the other guys was and was facing it.
Men are an interesting breed.
Men seem to have an unusual relationship with weight.
As a child, the boy usually adds a few pounds to the official weight and looks bigger than the actual weight, but in later life, the weight disappears from any conversation between men, they seem to be more happy to discuss their strength on the track, on the course or on the treadmill.
The same is true for men who are interested in fitness rather than weight, a well
Cork personal trainer is very respectful and busy.
Barry Enright owns and operates Befit4life, a company based in Mallow Co Cork that offers a range of services for men and women eager to recover.
\"At this time of year, we are always very busy.
Of course, you will expect this at the beginning of the year, but over the past few years, the trend is definitely an increase in the number of people involved in fitness and weight loss --
Loss plan for the whole year.
\"We offer a 50/50 hybrid service in befit4 life, and when everyone gets healthier, men and women are sure to look for something very different.
Women are very interested in the balance.
Fitness and fitness are also important, but this is usually back to the balance for women.
\"On the other hand, men tend to pay more attention to the body.
In short, men are often looking for the Sun --out, guns-out look.
\"Our job at Befit4life is to make sure people get a plan that they can handle and prepare their work.
However, none of these are good if the diet problem is not solved.
A lot of people will come in and lift weights and run on the treadmill all day, but that\'s not enough. googletag. {});
\"To lose weight successfully, it is more important to keep the weight. Losing weight is 80% diet and 20% exercise.
This is often difficult for men.
Over the years, I think there is only onein-
Five people who lost weight managed to stop it.
This can come down to many factors, but it\'s often the culprit to deviate from plans and go back to the lifestyle that initially put them in trouble.
\"So men like to play bags, iron, and run their legs off themselves, except to eat a lot less.
I\'m a man. I see.
But what about global weight observations?
Whether men are involved in this proven path of losing weight, it seems that they are not.
In 2012, body weight watch CEO David keshoffer said only 10% of the members attending the company\'s meetings per week were men.
I also understand this as a man.
Men are often full of bluffs about life, sports, women, and even death, but men do not like to be seen as failures, especially in front of their peers.
Men will jump in the locker room.
However, if they can lose a few pounds, it\'s completely different to peel it off and show the world.
If the man is guaranteed to hit the target, they go to the weight observer every week, however, they may have to stand in front of their classmates to accept that failure is the man\'s business, and I don\'t think most men are ready.
So men need to go somewhere else.
Looking at my shadow getting wider and wider, I decided to change my attitude towards food and exercise and try to lose weight myself.
I \'ve sorted out expensive bikes, runners, clothes and gym members, but I still seem to lack the will.
That is the key, Mr. Enright believes.
\"It won\'t happen if you don\'t want it enough.
\"Unfortunately, the statistics show that I was destined to be one of the 80% people who failed? Yes. googletag. {});
In the next few weeks, I will start using the tools God has given me, falling from my current BMI 27 to a more acceptable 23, or something like that.
My long legs, my thin arms, and any willpower I leave behind, will occupy my stomach in a battle of death.
But I really hope it won\'t go that far.
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