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detectorists stumble on treasure trove of roman gold, or so they think

by:Kenwei      2019-08-27
When the metal Detective Paul Adams stumbled upon a pile of gold coins, he believed his luck had finally come.
In all the weeks he had carefully scanned the fields with a metal detector, he had never found such a treasure.
With a hint of joy and a cry of \"Roman gold! Roman gold!
Mr. Adams called his exploration partner, Andy Samson, to fill him up, and they estimated that the treasure could be worth as much as £ 250,000.
Soon they began planning how to use the proceeds they found.
However, it turns out that in the life of imitating art and imitating life, 54 gold coins are just props left by the film crew who made the BBC comedy series detector, two unlucky friends, starring McKenzie Crocker and Toby Jones, are dedicated to finding treasures.
In shooting a scene from the previous episode, 2,000 years later, replica coins were first buried in clay Roman cans and then ploughed into the ground by tractors.
Unfortunately, while Mr. Adams, 58, and Mr. Samson, 54, were cleaning up some of the coins left by the production company, a few weeks later, when they met them, raised their hopes.
\"I think we are the most unfortunate metal detector in the world.
\"Our story is going to make a TV series of its own,\" Mr Samson said . \".
\"After we found them, I was paying off my mortgage and buying a sports car in my mind.
We thought we were looking at the real McKee.
Now I look at them and want to cry.
\"The two, together delivering oxygen for medical patients, started the probe a year ago and were allowed to sweep the floor in Suffolk, where Andy had previously discovered the Roman coin.
When they started searching for an area that they could see, Mr. Adams\'s machine started to start.
\"I heard Paul say \'Yeah!
Mr. Samson from Ipswich said.
\"I looked up and saw him dancing.
He screamed \"Roman gold, Roman gold\" and floated to me.
\"I ran over to him and I was surprised when he showed me a little Roman gold coin in his hand.
\"We keep looking, and our metal detectors are working overtime to pick up gold coins after gold coins along a 30-foot ditch.
We can\'t believe our luck.
There are also fragments of Roman pottery, which makes sense because the Romans buried them in pots.
Everything should be.
\"We sat there with no confidence at all.
Once my head was in my hands just because of the sheer size of all this and the feeling of discovering a gold reserve.
\"We are not sure of their value, but we have six coins from Emperor Nero, and we know they are worth £ 26,500 each.
The couple themselves admitted that \"too excited to think clearly\" and planned to inform the landlord and the relevant authorities the next day after returning home.
But before doing so, they showed their findings to their neighbors that he had been a detective for 40 years and was a member of the Suffolk Archaeological investigation.
\"When I poured my eyes on the table, he couldn\'t believe it.
But as soon as he picked up one, he said, \"these are wrong, they are not real \".
\"The neighbors told the couple that the coins were likely to be fake, but Mr. Samson refused to believe him, arguing that there was no reason to put 50 fake coins in the field that had recently been plowed.
However, when he told his wife Sam, who works in the farm estate office, she recalled that the probe had been filmed there recently.
Upon receiving a call from the production company, they quickly determined that they had placed a replica gold coin for the scene on the ground.
It turns out that the value of these replicas is only 5 per piece, not tens of thousands of hoarding.
\"When my wife told me that the probe was shooting there, there was a wake-up call in my mind,\" Mr Samson said . \".
\"She spoke to the location manager and he confirmed they were props.
We don\'t know whether we laugh or cry.
The 46-year-old Mackenzie Crook, who wrote, directed and starred in detective, said he learned that the couple thought they had discovered a Roman treasure.
The winner of Bafta said that the film crew collected as many copies of coins as possible after shooting.
He said he intended to go back and look for more but was defeated by both.
\"Unfortunately, we didn\'t bring metal detectors that day, and I was going to go back and find anyone who was wandering,\" said Mr CRUK.
\"But the newly cultivated field was a magnet for detectives, and I was shocked the next day when I heard that Paul and Andy had come there first and found what they thought was hoarding.
\"As a detective, I want to assure these gentlemen that I am sad and I may let them down.
I hope they keep looking and I hope they will find real gold soon.
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