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csir working on developing biofuels on a commercial scale

by:Kenwei      2019-08-19
VISAKHAPATNAM: Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR)
Shekhar C. Mande, director general of CSIR, said on Sunday that efforts were being made to develop commercial-scale biofuels, which would significantly reduce India\'s oil import bill.
During a visit to the port city of Mande, he told TOI that Mande was also the secretary of the Indian government\'s research department for science and industry, and last month biofuels had been used for experiments on aircraft flying from New Delhi to draytown.
Indian Petroleum Institute-CSIR (IIP)
The study was conducted in collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture, and recently conducted a biofuel experiment by flying a Spicer plane from Delhi to draytown.
This biofuels has the potential to reduce India\'s oil imports and oil bills to zero.
We will now look for a business partner for this research that has reached the technical level
Level of preparation, \"said Mander.
\"In addition, with the National Aerospace Laboratory (NAL)
We developed a sensor-Drishti —
It allows the aircraft to take off and land under haze and low visibility conditions.
We have installed 25 such sensors at various airports and will have 50 sensors at various strategic locations including the Indian Air Force.
Hindustan Airlines Ltd and NAL are building 18-
\"In remote rural areas, Saras planes can be used,\" he added . \".
Other areas in which CSIR is currently involved are offshore resources for the exploitation of natural gas hydrate and minerals.
CSIR has been working on sponsorship and consulting for various government departments and projects, conducting environmental impact assessment surveys, seismic surveys, and working with the Ministry of Atomic Energy, mining and roads.
The director-general said the CSIR is large in scale from food and fuel safety to space research.
He said that the government allocated Rs 4,700 crore to CSIR in the last trade Union budget, and CSIR lab\'s own income from consulting companies was about Rs 1,000 crore.
At present, there are about 4,500 scientists involved in 38 national laboratories of the ministry, and the ministry will increase manpower in the R & D phase
It is wise to recruit young people.
\"We will start a project soon to recruit young people under 35 years of age in various CSIR labs.
They will get enough funds and will be on CSIR\'s payroll.
\"Young people can be graduates of BTech or MTech or doctoral students,\" said Mande . \".
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