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cruise review: sailing aboard silversea\'s silver muse

by:Kenwei      2019-09-11
Super Silver Sea
Silver Muse luxury flagship debuted in New Zealand waters this week.
Grant Bradley found her beauty on a recent voyage.
Owner: For the past 25 years Silversea has been owned by the Italian Lefebvre family, but last year it welcomed the financial power of Royal Caribbean as a 67-cent stakeholder.
How big: Silver Muse is the 9 largest ship in the Silver Seavessel fleet.
The company created super
Luxury cruise with small boats.
Silver Muse is 212 long, 27 wide and 40,700 tons.
Her top speed is 21. 6 knots —
Over 40 kilometers per hour. How old?
She was built by Fincantieri in Genoa and launched in 2017, very shiny.
Excellent workmanship.
How many passengers are there?
596 is taken care of by 417 crew members. Destinations?
But it took a lot of time this summer and next summer.
Cruise length: we are 16-10 days-
Christmas tour from Bali to Sydney.
We stayed at Comodo and Darwin.
The way we got off the boat to Cairns
Accommodation: There are several types of 298 suites.
Apart from a few, all the balconies are spacious, from four huge master suites to our classic balcony suite with five in 36 square metersstar luxury.
We have a housekeeper.
We have 11 years of experience and we are on standby if there are any requests), a queen-
Size bed, pillow menu, marble bathroom with vanity, separate shower and full set-
There are large and small bathtubs and Bulgari\'s amenities, furnished teak balconies, two 106 cm HD TVs as part of the mirror, and plenty of charging ports.
We have everything we want in our mini bar and don\'t have any horrible mini bar charges --
This is part of the package.
Pratesi bedding is sacred.
Food: spoiled by choice, has a new meaning.
There are eight restaurants.
Our favorite is the hot rock, in which the lava is heated for 13 hours to 200C, allowing you to cook the tender cut of your choice;
The notes of silver reflect with the soft jazz;
And the Atlantic, everything.
There is a strong Italian theme in many other places, and-
Dining in the room, your housekeeper will put a table there and we made breakfast on Christmas morning.
You can spend more money on more wine, but things are OK as part of the price.
Entertainment: from spectacular small song and dance performances to a variety of entertainmentshows —
The Christmas show is a carnival.
Guest musician, magician and resident DJ.
The range of activities on board is wide, including expert talks on topics related to the upcoming port, some very popular trivia quizzes, language lessons, bridge lessons, kitchen and bridge tours, dance lessons and people traveling alonetogethers.
Facilities: state-of-the-art technical facilities in the fitness center
Fitness Equipment and weight lifting equipment.
Our workawayer Ukranian fitness trainer was there for Zumba, Pilates and yoga classes, which was her many other duties.
This spa is very happy and although there are some cheap things here, other treatments may be expensive.
There is a huge lounge and theater, usually the most striking place on other ships, and the shape is right on the Silver Muse.
Tor\'s observation lounge on the bridge offers stunning views and a peaceful place to stay at night.
The deck space is large with a lot of recliner chairs, three hot tubs and a 77,000 liter pool.
The ship is not big, but it is not a floating Disneyland. There\'s Wi-
Fi, the first 100MB is free and then $20 per day, or the whole journey is cheaper.
Have Self
Laundry Servicea real bonus.
Passengers: big surprise.
The age range is very large, but it is biased towards young people (30s to 50s)
There are several children, some of which are part of the extended family traveling together.
That would be great.
Service: easy, not notable, always there.
You will only see signs of frown if you refuse dessert or other drinks.
Shore excursions: some are included as part of your package, some are paid and can be steep.
There is a huge scope.
We highly value our trek to see the world\'s most hated animal Komodo dragon and see the giant crocodiles (
Not the friendliest animal either)
Jump next to a crocodile boat near Darwin to find food.
What\'s good about this ship?
Big enough not to be found, but with great space to give it the feel of a boutique.
It\'s like on a giant superyacht without disinfection.
This is a very friendly place.
What\'s not so good? The Wi-
The Fi may be a bit incomplete, but the reason has been well explained.
Ideal: starting at around $1000 a day, this isend traveller.
But you don\'t have to pay another penny on board.
Contact: silversea. co.
New Zealand-Silver Muse arrives in Auckland on Saturday and leaves for Sydney on Sunday.
She will visit the sounds of Tauranga, Gisborne, Picton, Litton, Dunedin, and suspicious and Milford on the journey.
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