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could uk airlines weigh passengers in the future? 58% of britons want heavier people to pay more to fly

by:Kenwei      2019-08-18
The study shows that the British will not object to the introduction of passenger weighing equipment by airlines at the gate and charge more travel fees to heavier people.
Uzbek Airlines announced last month that they will launch a weighing scale to allow passengers to stand before boarding.
The airline confirmed that a large number of passengers can be prevented from traveling for more busy and smaller flights.
The latest survey by holiday add-on services shows that most Britons will not object to the same measures introduced by the airlines they use.
Although there have been complaints recently that some airlines have changed their hand baggage restrictions, it seems that British travelers are also more willing to charge extra fees based on weight than expected.
When asked how an airline would respond if it started charging extra fees based on weight, the British holidaymakers said it had no effect on them, and there were 6 countries that even claimed, these measures will actively encourage them to use airlines more frequently.
Only respondents said the measures would force them to boycott an airline.
Ant Clark Cowell, director of communications at travel site HolidayExtras.
Com said: \"The UK has not yet measured customer initiatives on cheques.
Even so, the idea has sparked a heated debate among holiday tourists.
Compared with the results of the national survey, Manchester people have been shown to be more likely to respond to the introduction of weight tests.
Changes in airline procedures do initially receive adverse reactions, so it is very surprising to see that many holidaymakers seem to be tolerant of the idea of weighing passengers while checking --in.
\"Personal space is definitely a very sensitive issue, so it would be interesting to see how the views on this topic evolve.
Travel expert Bob Atkinson of TravelSupermarket believes that it is important to look at the fares of airlines that have introduced such measures.
The airline needs fuel to lift the plane off.
The heavier the aircraft, the more fuel it is, so the higher the cost, the fuel is considered to be the biggest cost for airlines, he said.
According to the National Bureau of Statistics (ONS)
2014 of the data showed that the average weight of British men was about 78 kg, so even without about 20 kg of hand luggage, 10 kg of luggage increased the total weight for a quarter.
On average, 71 kg of women are higher.
Therefore, if an airline can reduce the weight by lowering the baggage limit, it can reduce the price.
However, few of us would consider actually weighing passengers and luggage in the next stage.
Uzbek airlines have announced that they will weigh passengers carefully on their flights.
Including those from the UK)
Since August 2015, due to \"safety\" reasons.
We will watch the film with great interest.
An Abta spokesman told the Daily Mail that it is unlikely that passenger weight will become a policy in the UK.
The source said that abta did not consider weight as an actual option for most leisure travel at check-in.
In the United States, however, morbid obesity is a serious problem, and people over a certain size usually need to buy two seats, and the cost of one of them may be refunded if the flight is not fully booked.
In addition, airlines operating small aircraft on domestic routes usually have weight restrictions simply because the aircraft may not be able to take off if the passenger load is too high.
There is an element of self
There is already regulation on this issue, and as larger people upgrade to more expensive flight categories, simply because they know they may have seat problems financially.
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