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congressman says he\'ll propose ban on 3d-printable gun magazines

by:Kenwei      2019-08-29
DIY gunsmith group Defense has begun to prove that it is impossible to develop effective gun control legislation in the era of cheap consumption of 3D printers.
But at least one congressman seems eager to try.
On Wednesday, New York Representative Steve Israel issued a statement on his website promising to ban 3D-printed high-
Magazine of capacity--ammunition-
Feeding equipment that connects guns and carries more than ten rounds of bullets--
In his proposed update to the law on firearms that cannot be detected.
A few days before the Israeli statement.
The Defense-based website posted a YouTube video showing 30-
3D round magazine
Print and test on weekends, use it to launch 86 rounds in half a monthAutomatic Rifle.
\"If criminals can print high numbers, there will be no benefit from background checks and gun regulations.
Israel said in his statement. \"3-
Printing is a promising new technology, but new guidelines are also needed.
Law enforcement officers should have the right to stop high-
Through Google search, magazine capacity has surged.
\"This is not the first time that Israel is talking about the dangers of 3D --
Printing gun and gun parts.
He warned first that it was possible to go home.
On December, at a press conference, he promised to introduce an improved bill on non-detectable firearms.
The current form of law prohibits possession of metal detectors or guns that cannot be found by X-
The X-ray scanner expires in December and the month. High-
Used capacity magazine in the shooting in Tucson, Arizona, killing 6 injured congresswoman Gabrielle GIF Fords, rogue Army Major Nidal Hassan used in the murder in hudderburg
After more shootings in Newtown, Connecticut and Aurora, Colorado, they have become common targets for the Gun Control Act.
On Wednesday, New York State passed a bill restricting magazine manufacturing and sales, with California Congressman Diane van Stein promising a federal bill with similar regulations.
In order to prevent these proposed regulations, distribution started at 30-
On the website of circular magazine, Defcad.
Posted on its website over the weekend.
Cody Wilson, founder of the group, told me earlier this week that the group\'s three-part documents for printable magazines have been downloaded more than 2,200 times from its website.
Wilson said members of the state of Israel\'s parliament called for a ban on these devices to only increase the steady flow of downloads. \"I love it.
\"It\'s too reactionary,\" he said when I contacted him by phone.
\"I hope he gets a lot of attention in this push and people download thousands of magazines.
\"The details of the ban proposed by Israel are not entirely clear.
High plastic and polymer
Capacity magazines are already common and firearms laws that are not currently detectable do not cover capacity magazines.
So it seems that Israel needs to distinguish between plastic magazines and 3D magazines.
Printable, or all non-metal high-
Direct capacity magazine.
In fact, it is possible to make a high-volume magazine that can become a detectable X-of illegal equipment-
A ray or metal detector under the Gun Control Act proposed by Feinstein.
But for Van Stein or Israel\'s bill, the same problem arises: how can this ban be enforced in every garage and workshop in the United States that has a 3D printer?
On December, blogger and author Corey Doktoro raised the issue in response to Israel\'s first warning on the possibility of 3D
Printing guns.
\"Firmware lock for 3D printer? \" he asked.
When I asked this question to Samantha Slater, director of communications for Israel, she replied that Israel did not want to get in the way of 3D printing.
\"He believes that 3D printing can make the world better, and what he does here is not to minimize the huge impact of it,\" she told me . \".
\"But he said it should not be used to make parts of guns or high hat magazines, metal detectors or X-ray machine.
\"When it comes to passing a law, it says ---
Not to mention enforcement. -
Things are expected to get tricky. —
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