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clashes erupt in jerusalem amid tension over metal detectors at holy site

by:Kenwei      2019-09-11
Six people were killed in Israel\'s bloodiest series of incidents.
Over the years, as a result of Israel\'s new security measures at the most sacred location in Jerusalem, violence has taken place among Palestinians.
Three Israelis were stabbed to death in a Jewish settlement in Israel.
In the occupied West Bank, hours after Israel installed metal detectors at the point of entry to the aristocratic shelter, which killed three Palestinians in the violence --
The Temple Hill compound in Jerusalem\'s walled old town.
Palestinian President Abbas has ordered all official contacts with Israel to be suspended until metal detectors are dismantled.
He did not disclose the details, but the current contact is mainly limited to security cooperation.
Three Israelis were stabbed to death, and the fourth injured was from the fence.
West Bank settlement in nef.
Israeli media said the three dead were members of the same family, two men aged 60 and 40, and one woman aged 40.
According to Israeli media reports, the 68-year-old injured woman was hospitalized for a back stab.
Still photos taken by Israeli television showed red blood on the kitchen floor.
According to Israel Radio, the family sat down for a traditional Friday dinner at the time of the attack.
Israeli troops and media say the attackers sneaked into the settlement under cover of darkness to carry out attacks.
Israeli radio called him 19. year-
Old Palestinians from the West Bank village of Khobar near Ramallah.
It said he was shot, but he didn\'t know about him at first.
Earlier in the day, thousands of Palestinians clashed with Israeli forces in the West Bank.
Metal detectors were carried out at the Al-Aqsa mosque compound.
During Friday\'s protests, Palestinians rolled burning tires and threw stones at troops responding with tear gas and rubber bullets.
Since the Palestinians installed detectors at the shrine entrance last week, there have been daily clashes.
After two Israeli police officers were killed near the compound last Friday, Israel installed new metal detectors on the scene.
The Security Cabinet of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has decided to keep the probes, saying they are needed to prevent weapons from entering the Yasukuni Shrine, sparking protests.
Hundreds of worshippers gathered at the entrance of the compound.
It is called a sacred Sanctuary by Muslims, and it is called a temple mountain by Jews.
Before praying on Friday, but refusing to enter, would rather pray outside.
\"We reject Israeli restrictions on the al-Aqsa mosque,\" said Mohammed Hussein, a senior Muslim cleric in Jerusalem.
Ahmed Abdul Durham, a local businessman who came to pray outside the noble temple, said he opposed the installation of metal detectors.
\"Put these metal detectors at the entrance to our place of worship, as if they were at the entrance to our house,\" he said . \". The hill-
The compound at the top, which contains the dome of rock and aluminum
The al-Aqsa mosque has long been the source of religious friction.
Since Israel occupied and annexed the old town, including the compound, in 1967 Middle East wars, it has also become a symbol of Palestinian nationalism.
\"This is where we pray, and we have sovereignty here,\" added Mr. Salaam . \".
On Thursday, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan called Israeli president riflin to ask for metal detectors to be removed.
Nicolai mladnov, United Nations special coordinator for a long timestalled Israel-
The White House urged all parties to reach a resolution.
Jordan, the ultimate custodian of the Holy Land, was also involved in mediation efforts.
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