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chronic pain gets shock treatment

by:Kenwei      2019-09-07
Imagine installing a gadget that lasts for electric shock every time you feel pain.
Mumbai: imagine installing a gadget that lasts for electric shock every time you feel pain.
This is not a science fiction.
Fi fantasy, but one of the latest medical measures for pain management-
Spinal cord stimulation (SCS)surgery.
Some people are affected by chronic pain.
Knee pain-
The most common symptoms are joint pain, genital pain caused by bladder problems, and nerve effects.
Although there are many treatments for chronic pain, SCS surgery is the last resort.
Dr Jitendra Jain, pain management specialist at SL Raheja Hospital, said: \"SCS surgery involves inserting insulated wires that have openings at certain points and placing them on the spinal cord, Mahim.
Insert the wire with the help of the needle. An X-
The ray machine is used to show the direction of the wire.
\"The patient is awake throughout the course of the operation, as in local anesthesia,\" Dr. Jain said . \".
Nerve Stimulation (
Devices like pacemakers)
Then implanted into the spinal cord.
\"This emits a pulse from 0 to 0. 01 watts to 0.
1 watt into the body.
\"The Pulse prevents the pulse that sends pain signals to the brain, not the tingling sensation that the patient feels,\" explains Dr. Jain . \".
While the concept may sound very precise and effective, doctors warn that everyone may not get the desired results.
\"Not all people with chronic pain will benefit from SCS surgery.
That is why it is very important to assess the patient\'s condition before deciding on the procedure, \"said Dr. Jain.
Last month, the Indian hospital had its first SCS implant in Mumbai.
Dr. Milind Sankhe had surgery on Seema Bandekar.
Pulmonary tuberculosis, disc inflammation, 2003, dec-year-
Old bandecar had four surgeries over the years and suffered chronic pain despite treatment.
\"I can\'t stand up, let alone walk for five minutes.
\"I even had to resign,\" she said . \". Post-
After surgery, banderkar has returned to normal life.
Bandekar and other patients undergoing SCS surgery were assessed five days after surgery to see if there was an improvement and if there was a relief, the patient was sent home and placed the implant under the skin on his spinal cord.
\"Patients can even do sports.
\"The only precautions that need to be taken are magnetic sensors far away from airports and shopping centers, such as MRI machines and metal detectors,\" Dr. Jain said . \".
While this is a boon for those with chronic pain, the price of this treatment is high.
The implant needs to be spent anywhere between rs2. 5 lakh to Rs4. 5 lakh.
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