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can packaging be an opportunity for your business?

by:Kenwei      2019-08-21
Retailers in e-
Business must be prepared for the requirements and deadlines of millions of customers.
When the shape and size of the product, the need for them and their combination vary from order to order, it is very difficult to manage the implementation process.
Retailers often fall victim to chaotic customer needs.
They try to overcome these challenges with inefficient solutions, such as investing in bigger packages than needed, running half of them
An empty truck on the road, or an unhappy customer trying to compensate for being late, damaged or incorrectly packaged and returning.
These wasteful and inefficient coping mechanisms generate billions of costs that can be completely avoided, bring huge waste and expense to retailers and extremely disappointed customers, and bring disaster to the environment.
Since e-
Due to remote sales regulations, unusually loose return policies and mobile apps, the retailer\'s product returns have also increased significantly, making it easy for people to order impulsively and regret them very quickly.
Unfortunately, retailers do not always handle this increase in returns well, resulting in a recovery rate of as low as 20 PCs for certain product categories.
In many cases, this loss of profit is purely due to the return of the product to the damaged box.
Ribble Packaging believes that by providing an automatic Packaging system to produce \"optimized\" Packaging to perfectly fit every product, it can help retailers put the number of pounds back to the bottom line.
This will reduce the waste of corrugated board and unnecessary void filling.
It also helps maximize vehicle utilization by increasing the number of boxes a car can carry in large quantities.
These systems can also be used to repackage the original returned product and quickly put it back on the retailer\'s shelf to recover the retail value of 100 pcs.
Retailers save millions of dollars in total cost.
To find out how much money can be saved by the packaging and return process, go to ribble-pack. co.
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