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bpa & phthalates: the reason why plastic is dangerous for children

by:Kenwei      2019-09-14
Baby products often sell their BPA-
But there is no explanation as to why this should be avoided.
But what is double phenol a and what is double phenol a plastic?
Basically, a class of chemicals associated with it-BPA and neighboring benzene ester are plasticizer that can be found in food packaging, steel tank liners, drug coatings, and cosmetics.
They are commonly used in the manufacture of sturdy, lightweight and flexible plastics.
There are some good reasons to avoid.
Exposure to BPA has proven to have serious consequences for prenatal development, sexual maturity, and reproduction.
Although childcare products ranging from catering clothing to car seat accessories and bathroom toys have a tendency to use BPA for free, BPA is everywhere.
Although the American Academy of Pediatrics has warned the use of BPA in baby products.
Even trace amounts of BPA can be a problem because they interact with the way the body normally produces hormones.
\"BPA should be our biggest concern because they help with overall toxicity in our environment,\" Mark Menolascino, medical director, Functional Medicine Center, Jackson Hall Meno clinic, warned gen and Genexa\'s chief medical officer
\"BPAs cause hormone disruption in many forms, including thyroid and adrenaline, as well as the female and male hormones we are familiar with,\" Menolascino said . \".
What is phthal salt?
They are almost everywhere: the presence of diphenol a and o-benzene Ester in plastic, canned food, cosmetics and even credit card receipts.
They are hormone disruptors: biphenol a and neighboring benzene ester that interfere with the normal use of hormones in the body;
It is not only estrogen and testosterone, but also the production of thyroid and sex hormones.
They lead to changes in the body: they lead to changes in the genitals, resulting in a decrease in the number of sperm in boys.
They can cause changes in the system: they can seriously disrupt hormone regulation in girls and even lead to early menopause.
In pregnant women, hormones are necessary for prenatal development.
Hormones like estrogen and testosterone can prompt the development of the baby\'s genitals.
In the case of phthal acid salts, this can be manifested in changes in the physical structure of the genitals.
A study in Sweden, 2014, showed that exposure to neighboring benzene would shorten the birth distance (ADG)
Swedish boy.
ADG is a measure between the anus and the genitals.
The shorter the distance between the two, the greater the risk of problems such as low sperm count and no loss of testicles.
Prenatal and early exposure to biphenol a and neighboring benzene ester can affect the child\'s life.
Regardless of gender, this effect can be expressed in any way.
\"In boys, BPAs may affect their ability to get the best performance, including testosterone levels, and may even affect fertility.
If you want your son to have the best performance, whether as a person who is good at math or a person who is good at sports, the toxicity of chemicals such as BPA will destroy this performance, said menolascino.
\"Exposure to BPA in women leads to PMS, early menopause, acne, and is also an important source of other hormone disruptors.
Any hormone disruptors, including BPAs, can change the hormone pathway, and other neighboring benzene ester can produce similar effects and increase our overall toxic load.
\"Because of the wide range of use of these chemicals, exposure can be lifelong.
In the production of certain plastics, the use of BPA has decreased, and it is currently regulating neighboring benzene ester from toys, but there is still no real guide on the safety level of neighboring benzene ester for pregnant women.
Because of this, many endocrine experts advise pregnant women to stay away from processed foods (
Often in contact with plastic)
And pay close attention to the ingredients of their cosmetics.
Stainless steel and glass trays are safer options for heating food (
Obviously, there is no stainless steel in the microwave. )
But even with these precautions, BPA and neighboring benzene Ester were found in almost all places.
Menolascino said: \"The biggest concern for all of us and our children today is the toxicity in our environment.
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