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bioethanol touring car: the lean, green, racing machine

by:Kenwei      2019-08-18
As society gets greener, the oil giants will soon become pariahs and you can forgive because you think the internal combustion engine will soon be legislated outside the Earth and let us all be on the Dolphins
Battery friendly
In the local nursing home, it was full of afternoon excitement.
This is understandable.
After all, the oil is running out and the Earth is heating up and something has to be paid.
But what if you could save the Earth and keep acting?
Well, you can, because just adjust it a little wisely, bioethanol can make the car very smelly.
This car is the mg zs British caravan championship in Fiona Leggate (BTCC)racer.
1 kg in weight, 2 kg in packaging and 300bhp in weight
This is a lift.
The machine punched.
Lighting it up, the sound of cl Dong is huge.
The garage shakes, the little kids fall, and the sweetness of race fuel fills the air.
But it\'s not a normal race fuel because this vicious jet runs on E85 bioethanol, though it\'s not new-for years, the use of bioethanol worldwide has been growing-but this is the first time a truly outrageous performance has been created with this green ingredient.
\"We got five brake horsepower by switching to biofuels,\" Mark Atkinson, the team\'s chief mechanic, yelled at me from under the hood while warming up the car.
\"The inlet manifold is tilted due to fuel, so we have to clean it regularly, but we don\'t have any problems other than that \".
Leggate hovers at this point.
She is small and easy-going, but she also has a strong and firm Momentum.
\"Racing is my dream,\" she told me. \"I \'ve been on a long way in a very short time-five years ago, I was on the tour for the first time.
The next time I see the track, I play on it.
\"This year was my first full year at BTCC, but it was probably the worst season ever.
I was taken away three times individually and there were some massive crashes, but I know I can do that.
Because I am a girl, it is not for the sake of expressing opinions, I am for myself.
\"I stuffed myself into the passenger seat.
Go out with Leggate.
In a series of confusing negotiations over switches and levers where the center console used to be, she ignited the car and we went on track.
She\'s not hanging out.
The foot is on the floor and as we quickly and undecently enter the tricky left/right, the mag worm curve and the Becketts corner, she beats the sequential box.
My mind is shouting \"brake!
\"When Fiona picked up another piece of gear, but as I was absolutely sure, we were moving towards the hay bag, and she slammed the anchor, and somehow death was avoided, on the contrary, we had a hard time leaving Becketts in the screeching tires, the crashed chassis and the screeching revs.
My thoughts on the next meeting were very confusing, although I clearly remember I was laughing happily-the ability of the car was ridiculous and most likely outside of the physical realm.
The grip produced by the chassis for smooth tires is huge, when used in anger, the brakes are like hitting the wall, when all hell is scattered around you, the motor roared like a banshee.
Before I had time to understand it all, we all got back into the pit and it was time to take the driver\'s seat.
Adaptation was a struggle, and thanks to Fiona\'s everything, my 6ft 3in frame finally folded around the steering column, the steering wheel in my chest and the pedal somewhere in my knee.
Breathing is tricky, not to mention driving.
But a few minutes later, when MG\'s motor was unhappy with being forced to travel so slowly, I was walking down the lane in the pit.
Not only have I not bypassed Silverstone for years, but I have never tasted the fun of a pan-ordered gearbox, so there is a clutch to forget unless I want to burn it off, and extra fear of damaging gears.
These transmissions need to be resolutely changed.
If one is wrong, you will damage one piece of equipment.
I really don\'t want to do this for 500 per person.
What I\'m trying to say is that it\'s all a poor reason why I\'m slow, but that\'s not the case.
I\'m just useless.
But once, just once, I set out from Woodcott and started/ended again, I did it right and the car made me see how it really looks.
I know two things: first, I will never be a racing driver; second, I can\'t wait to see more if bioethanol can make the car shift like this.
Due to circuit days (www. circuit-days. co. uk)
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