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baby breach: failure to screen newborn causes airport terminal shutdown

by:Kenwei      2019-08-31
TSA officials said the incident took place on Friday when a family was passing a security checkpoint.
When the machine alerted, a mother with a baby walked past the metal detector.
The mother then handed the child to the father who had passed the security check.
She was then cleaned up and the family went to the gate.
TSA then realized that it failed to screen babies and started looking for family members but could not find them.
TSA then informed the Port Authority police, although they said it was a lowrisk situation.
Police then closed the 80-minute terminal to stop the flight from taking off and let passengers pass security again.
\"We won\'t do it a second time. guess a real-
\"The time decision made by our police station is to act cautiously and protect passengers,\" a Port Authority spokesman said . \".
This is not the first time airport security officials have overreacted to the apparent threat.
On Wednesday, a plane at Midway Airport in Chicago was quarantined for two hours on suspicion that one of its passengers had an infectious disease.
But it turns out the passengers are ominous.
A bug bite causes a rash on the skin.
The day before, a four
After TSA said her grandmother might hand the contraband to her in a hug, the one-year-old girl was photographed in a separate room.
Although TSA refused to apologize for the incident, the girl and her family were finally approved.
In three months, TSAyear-Old wheelchair
A boy was found suspected of carrying explosives.
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