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[Automatic grading scale] What is an automatic grading scale and what are the characteristics of an automatic grading scale

by:Kenwei      2021-07-16
What is an automatic grading scale? An automatic grading scale, also called a weighing and grading scale, a grading scale, etc., is a device used to distinguish the size and weight of products on the production line. Maybe everyone is still not very familiar with automatic grading scales? So let's take an example of this equipment of automatic grading scale. We all know that the sizes of the lychees, cherries and other products we eat are all different in size, and the relatively large ones will be relatively expensive. So how do we sort products of different sizes like lychees and cherries? ? At this time, an automatic grading scale will be used. The automatic grading scale is a device used to classify these products. What are the characteristics of the automatic grading scale? Enhanced stainless steel frame, comprehensive waterproof design, all contact parts are made of food-grade materials, to ensure that the product will not be contaminated, using high-precision sensors, high-speed digital signal processing technology, dynamic weight automatic compensation technology, Zero point automatic analysis and tracking technology. Easy product editing and storage. Variable frequency control motor is used to change product specifications. It is convenient to quickly switch products and automatically adjust the sorting speed of corresponding products. USB mass storage, inspection records can be consulted at any time. Intuitive and easy-to-use man-machine interface , Reduce the training time and cost of operators, greatly reduce labor costs, and increase the total production value of the enterprise. The above is to share with you about [Automatic Grading Scale] What is an automatic grading scale? What are the characteristics of the automatic grading scale? Everyone is helpful.
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