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andover ocado depot fire disrupts shopping deliveries

by:Kenwei      2019-09-11
The fire of the Okado robot interrupted online shopping.
Run a grocery warehouse.
There was a fire at the top of the grocery store giant.
Before 02:45 GMT, the technology warehouse of Andover Walworth Industrial Zone.
The Hampshire Fire and Rescue Department said it involved automatic packaging machinery.
The fire department added that no one was injured and the fire was in progress.
The operation of the site has been suspended and orders have not been issued, Ocado said.
The company also has other warehouses, including those in Hartford Hatfield, which have not been affected.
Customers complained on Twitter that the company had canceled the delivery by blaming \"some operational issues.
More than 30,000 orders are processed in the warehouse every week.
A spokesman for the fire department said rescue workers who took over from the first firefighters on the scene were still fighting the fire.
Ocado said in a statement: \"All relevant security measures are carried out as planned, no.
One person was injured.
\"Although some orders have left the warehouse before the accident and will be delivered normally, Andover suspended operations this morning to prevent further fulfillment of orders.
\"We will assess the losses caused by this incident. . .
And will be updated further as appropriate.
\"The fire occurred on the same day that Ocado reported the expansion of the loss.
The company recorded a pre-Tax losses of £ 44.
The year ended December 2, 2018 was 4 m, compared to 9.
8 m in the first 12 months.
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