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airport-style security screening coming to canucks games

by:Kenwei      2019-08-29
Canadian fans in Vancouver will have to pass the airport-
Metal detectors entering the Rogers Arena this season.
The team announced on Wednesday that they have strengthened the game.
As part of the National Hockey League\'s initiative to standardize security procedures for all NHL arenas, daily security measures.
Canadian fans are encouraged to arrive in Areena 15-
20 minutes earlier than usual.
New security measures have been announced.
Press conference → metal detectors in stadiums are common in the United States. S.
While Major League Baseball ordered installations in every park this season.
The new MLB security measures resulted in a long delay in the opening of the revolving door on the day of opening the door.
Access to the Rogers Center in Toronto.
Saddledome in Calgary is the first Canadian NHL building to install metal detectors.
The flame started and started running in February.
Air Canada, Edmonton oil, Winnipeg aircraft, Senator Ottawa, Maple Leaf Toronto and Air Canada Montreal followed suit.
Team Canada spokesman Alfred de Vila said that the Rogers Arena metal detector will be in place in each of the Canuckgame, as authorized by the Alliance, but they don\'t necessarily perform at Rogers Arena, such as concerts and skating.
\"We will conduct a risk assessment of each activity,\" De Vera said . \".
Meanwhile, Canadians say fans have to submit documents through the event at the detectorsateveryBell center. “Every event.
They were used for Madonna\'s concert last week, \"said Donaldson Beauchamp, senior vice president of communications Canada.
\"It\'s from the league, it\'s the league\'s mission, but having said that, we have recently taken some steps to improve security.
You can\'t bring your backpack anymore . . . . . . You can\'t come back from smoking.
These are security measures.
\"At least one security expert is skeptical about the effectiveness of metal detectors in stadiums.
Recently, safety technology expert Bruce Schneier said that the metal detector at the baseball stadium is equivalent to a \"pure safety theater \".
\"New equipment is ridiculous as a security measure.
The Ballpark metal detector is much looser than the airport checkpoint.
They\'re not very sensitive.
Someone with a phone and a key in his pocket-
And no X-ray machines.
Packages get the same rough search they \'ve been getting over the years.
Fans who want to avoid the probe can choose to \"replace\", he wrote \".
\"This new measure makes anyone safer.
A half-baked ticket holder can sneak a gun into the stadium without any effort.
In this regard, the bombs that exploded at crowded checkpoints were no less deadly than those that exploded in the stands.
At best, these measures can only effectively stop the baseball fans who randomly carry guns or knives into the stadium.
It might be a good idea, but unless there\'s been a string of fan shootings in baseball recently
Not --
To deal with an imaginary threat, we spend a lot of time and money.
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