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airport security screening targeted by criminal gangs after valuables

by:Kenwei      2019-08-26
A security staff member revealed how professional criminals targeted travelers who passed airport security.
Just as vacationers relax their vigilance and feel the safest, they are also victims of the gang of thieves. Busy, over-
Crowded passenger lines are overhandled
The staff at the airport were fantastic and the perfect hunting ground.
Full of distractions and alltoo-
Familiar with the airport registration process, thieves start operating in the airport during the holiday.
Cosmetics, designer sunglasses and electronics are ideal items for thieves looking for high value items from their owners.
Antonia Collins just put her stuff in the tray and went through X-
Ray conveyor belt, and through metal detectors.
When she passed-
Was searched after detonated the probe.
Her tray was looted.
\"I was destroyed,\" Antonia told the Daily Mail . \". \'Around £300 ($580)
Something of value was stolen.
\"The airport staff were unsympathetic and it was a terrible feeling that someone around took them away.
According to The Guardian, Fernanda aldiles has also experienced similar pains, returning home through London City airport during the Easter holidays.
When Ardiles walked into her bag, her MacBook Air was already taken away.
After reporting the loss of her $2000 laptop, the airport refused to watch CCTV footage.
Instead, the airport said it was a matter for police to request access to CCTV.
The Dutch student told the Guardian: \"They act as if it was a small stimulus, as if it was not a big deal . \".
\"I finally found the terminal manager through a three-day email and he said there was nothing he could do about it, but forwarded it to the investigation.
\"It seems to be an international issue, but it\'s a matter of careful planning and rehearsal around the security screening process.
\"These thieves are not so stupid, they are skilled and shameless,\" wrote American Stephen frieslin . \"
Based on the flying fish website.
\"Everyone through TSA [
Traffic Safety Administration
Check point has a name and a \"positive ID\", he says \".
\"The problem is that TSA and most local police departments don\'t have the resources to track the small theft,\" the thief knows.
In an interview with The Daily Mail, a security guard at London\'s main airport pointed out that a trend was that he believed that professional criminals bought a seat on cheap flights for security.
\"They tend to be in the middle --
Elderly men working in groups.
Early in the morning, when people eat passengers for half an hour
Sleeping, or during peak hours of stress, the target family may be distracted by the child.
\"As soon as the thief arrives at the screening area, he knows that this is an ideal environment.
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