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airport patdown of boy, 2, and sister, 6, sparks outrage

by:Kenwei      2019-09-08
An angry father posted a video of the two of him on YouTube by airport security. year-Six-year-old sonyear-old daughter.
The video has gone viral, triggering public scrutiny of the U (TSA)
The decision to search young people
In the video, a little boy opens his legs while a woman, possibly his mother, reaches out his arms and uses talking about Mickey Mouse to distract him.
When he twisted his body, a male agent of the Transportation Safety Administration patted the child\'s legs and torso and then patted him.
\"You did a good job!
\"The agent told the boy that the boy\'s sister was treated in a similar way a few feet away, across the floor mat, with her arms stretched out, while a female TSA agent patted every inch of her body
\"Have they been doing this all the time?
An unidentified woman asked.
On the screen, a man replied, \"Yes.
\"Really ? \"! ?
Although the video was uploaded on April 18, the date and location of the show were not shown.
\"I was selected as usual. . .
Because [security check]of]
The YouTube video description says \"my name\" indicating TSA pat-
For this person identified as khanzahir100 on YouTube, Downs is a frequent occurrence.
He said his wife and children were chosen as Pat-
Because they are \"in close contact with me\" He has been picked out for additional screening.
TSA\'s page on traveling with children sets out a requirement that \"in order to ensure the safety of all travelers, screening everyone regardless of age\" and then promises \"[s]
Security officials will treat children gently and respect them.
In 2011, the agency revised its policy of screening children under the age of 12 with a commitment to reduce reliance on pat
Metal detectors and explosive traces detect the ups and downs and more on tools such as swabs.
But even if these changes have been made, then-
S. Secretary of Homeland Security, Najib Tano, warned,
\"There will always be some predictability in the system, and even for groups we see differently, such as children, there will always be random checks.
The story was re-published with permission from Huffington Post.
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