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adelphi bps bag and pouch filling system.

by:Kenwei      2019-08-19
Adelphi Manufacturing Company has introduced the new Adelphi Bag and Bag filling system, which is a semi-
Automatic entry-
Level system with small target
Scale producers want to offer their products in bags or bags, but are not ready for fully automatic systems on the market at the moment.
Liquids, creams, \"chunky\" products and paste can be filled into bags or bags up to 500cc at 15 units per minute.
The filling is completed by the Adelphi response filling machine (
Winning the PPMA 2004 Excellence Award).
This can be used separately and is itself a versatile, accurate and easy to use
Automatic filling machine for products from alcohol to thick paste.
The filling device for bags and bags has heat-
Gripper sealing, interlocking protection and tools-Free conversion.
This is an ideal system for producers who have just started bagging and bagging.
Adelphi response filling machine can be removed and used as a half
Automatic filling for other liquid and cream filling applications.
Contact number: made at 01444 472300 or at Adelphi on visitwww. adelphi. uk. com [
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