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a new variety of chicks for rural community

by:Kenwei      2019-08-19
In rural India, the practice of poultry farming in akayd is old.
It is a low-cost enterprise that does not require much time and labor while ensuring high economic returns and nutritional safety for the poor in rural areas.
However, indigenous birds raised by rural families are less productive.
But the Poultry Research Station (PRS)of Sri P. V.
National University of Veterinary, animal and fisheries science ,(SPVNRTSUVAS)
Hyderabad Rajendranagar has developed a promising backyard poultry breed for rural farming communities in Rajasthan.
This new variety is perfect for backyard poultry farming because of its hard work and a variety of attractions
M said that colored feathers capable of self-breeding have good body shape and can escape predators, which is a good scavenger and is not easy to get sick
Gnana Prakash, Professor, Department of Animal Genetics, School of Veterinary Science, SPVNRTSUVAS.
The bird can produce nearly 150 eggs a year, weighing about 1 kg.
Age from 5 kg to 18 weeks and start at 5-6 months, Dr.
Gnana Prakash is also the head of PRS, he added.
With the concept of organic agriculture, the marketing of the variety will be very optimistic.
These birds are mainly raised in rural backyard, where there is no pressure on birds, there is not much medicine, these are raised in the natural pollution-free environment of the rural environment.
In addition, their multi-colored feathers are similar to that of the Dessie bird, which has almost doubled in price compared to the broiler.
He said that the price of brown shell eggs will also be higher compared to commercial white shell eggs.
Farmers can produce their own chickens in Rajasthan.
To this end, farmers must maintain male and female birds to allow fertilization.
Fertile eggs produced by hens can be placed on local hens to hatch.
Each hen hatched 10-
15 eggs and hatching 12-13 chicks.
Alternatively, chickens can be purchased from the station, where large-scale production of chickens is hatched through machines.
In general, backyard poultry farming does not require well-designed housing.
If they are grown on a commercial scale under an intensive system, then traditional sheds built with locally available materials are fine.
Feeding alone accounts for 70 of the total poultry production expenditure.
But in poultry in the backyard, the cost of feed is considered to be the lowest, because birds live on foraging, and they thrive on insects, surplus grains and household waste.
However, if more birds are planted, it is not enough to clean up, and something needs to be given to them, such as broken rice, broken nut straw, wheat grains and rice skin.
If the feeding method is commercialized, a balanced ration can be prepared with locally available feed ingredients or commercial feed.
Although \"Rajasthan\" birds are less susceptible to disease due to their inheritance of Deshi poultry, it is recommended to carry out routine vaccination of common viral diseases.
In addition, regular de-
In order to prevent parasitic infection, insect repellent is required.
Farmers can earn an average extra income.
Get 4,200 from 20 small poultry units in the backyard each year.
However, farmers can earn nearly rupees if carried out on a commercial scale.
7,500 a month, 1,000 units.
Even this activity does not require full-time time for farmers, and it can be managed with the help of family members and even children attending school, Dr.
Said Gnana Prakash.
Readers can contact the professor for more details. M.
Officer in Charge, Gnana Prakash (
Phone: 9100956360or Dr. D.
Krishna, farm manager (
Phone: 9440956010. wymnj@thehindu. co.
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