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9-11 memorial plaza opens as ground zero welcomes public

by:Kenwei      2019-09-06
A piece of land, known as ground zero for ten years, opened to the public on Monday for the first time since that terrible morning in 2001, turning into a monument consisting of two tranquil reflection poolsin-
Lost bronze names of nearly 3,000 souls. The 9-
The Memorial Square opens at 10. m.
In a tense situation at the airportstyle security.
Tourists are allowed to walk on eight white oak trees.
Acres of grounds gaze at the water in the exact location of the World Trade Center twin towers.
They will also be able to finger up the names of 2,977 people killed in terrorist attacks in New York, the Pentagon and Pennsylvania, and six people killed in the 1993 trade center bombing.
The electronic catalog with the find names button will help people find the people they love.
The Memorial Square was opened to the families of the victims on Sunday, the first anniversary of the attack.
Sufia Simjee of Baltimore traveled to New York to mourn her cousin Nasima Simjee, a financial analyst. 11.
She said that the family had never received the body of Nasima;
Now, at least they have a place to spend.
\"It gives us a place to pay tribute to her,\" she said . \".
Although thousands of construction workers have come and gone over the years, Monday marks the first time ordinary Americans without badges, journalists pass or wear safety helmets, it is possible to walk on the grounds where the victim was once buried in the ruins of a billowing smoke.
\"It\'s going to do what terrorists are trying to stop, and that\'s where we \'ve created a place where people will come together, regardless of political faction, economic class, ethnicity, country of origin, pay tribute in a place known for this pain. . .
\"Go to a beautiful place,\" Memorial President Joe Daniels said in preparation for the opening day last week . \".
Tickets are free but strictly controlled.
Visitors need to get a pass in advance to allow them to enter at the specified time.
No more than 1,500 people will be allowed to enter at a time.
Visitors will have to empty their pockets, walk through metal detectors, and go through X-ray machine.
About 7,000 people got tickets for the open day.
About 400,000 people have booked tickets for the next few months, Daniels said.
Many memorial buildings, including the Museum section, are still under construction.
The museum pavilion is a sloping structure that evokes parts of the trade center\'s facade, still standing up after the tower collapsed and is scheduled to open on the 11th anniversary of the attack.
Ultimately, visitors visiting the underground part of the complex will be able to see sights such as huge mud walls built to prevent the Hudson River from flooding the foundation of the trade center, the stairs of the survivors have left many people in safe places.
But it is enough for many families to see these names.
\"It broke me down,\" said David Martinez . \" He watched the attack in his Manhattan office and later learned that he had lost a cousin and a brother, and that each tower had a brother.
Debra berlingame\'s brother Charles is the pilot of American Airlines Flight 77, and when she finds out his name, she cries, his name is with the rest of the crew on the flight
\"These are his crew,\" she said . \"
\"I know all their families.
These passengers, I know their families.
These people are real people to me.
It was very touching to see all the people here together.
\"The letters in the name have been completely cut out of bronze and there is only emptiness below.
The cost of the Memorial and Museum is approximately $0. 7 billion and the annual operating budget is between $50 million and $60 million. The non-
The profit-making organization running the project has raised approximately $0. 4 billion in private donations and is seeking federal funds so that the memorial and museums can be used for free.
The center of the monument is two huge square pits and reflection pools, which are located on the footprints of the two towers.
The waterfall goes down the four walls of each fountain. The waterfall is the largest fountain in North America.
Skyscrapers are now pushing up around the square, and the roar of the building will remain the same for some time.
The memorial foundation has arranged a separate entrance for the relatives of the victims and plans to set aside some days or hours, and the square will only be open to firefighters, police officers and other emergency staff.
\"People will have a very special feeling, that is, to set foot on land that the public has not had for the past 10 years,\" Daniels said . \".
As for the tight security issue, he said: \"It is inconvenient for you, but if you think of any website in the world, I think it is a place where people want to pass some security measures.
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