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84 airports to install body scanners by march 2020 | india news - times of india

by:Kenwei      2019-08-27
New Delhi: The center has instructed 84 airports across the country to install body scanners by March 2020 to replace existing door frame metal detectors and manual
In addition to pat, there are scanners
According to an official document, we have started searching for passengers to detect metal objects. \"Walk-
Through metal detectors and hands
Metal detectors cannot detect Non
Metal weapons and explosives
Body scanners detect metals and non-metals
\"Metal objects hidden on the body,\" the notice issued by the Civil Aviation Safety Administration said (BCAS)
All airports in April.
The notice also stipulates the standard operating procedures (SOPs)
84 airports will have to follow up when using body scanners.
At present, 28 of the country\'s approximately 105 airports are classified as highly sensitive airports, including those in major cities such as Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata. In conflict areas such as Chennai and Jammu, Kashmir and the Northeast, 56 airports are classified as sensitive airports.
According to the notice, these 28 allergy airports and 56 sensitive airports must install body scanners by March 2020, while the rest of the airports can install body scanners by March 2021.
Images should be provided by the scanner
Free solution using normal human body model.
The circular states that threats should be presented graphically to address the privacy concerns that these machines may generate full-body contour images.
On the human model
In a circular state, like the image generated by the machine, yellow spots highlight areas of the body that may need further screening.
According to the notice, passengers must take off their jackets, thick clothes, shoes, belts and all metal items before entering the body scanner at the airport.
The scanner is based on millimeter wave technology, including non-
According to the circular, ionising radiation means it is safe for all passengers, including pregnant women.
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