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6 devices made for aquatic supervillainy

by:Kenwei      2019-08-22
As a pure intellectual exercise rather than a pioneer of some kind of sweet, sweet revenge on SeaWorld Orlando (
Charge? Seriously?
Just like we thought the drunken dolphins were fun? )
, We \'ve put together this handy list of water equipment for aspiring lunatics for subject crime, revenge for the death of beloved pet kraken, or just to really show a full of arrogance
Your contempt for humanity should be reflected in everything you do, especially in the transportation of your choice.
A good evil craft is sometimes the difference between \"gentle super villain\" and \"The guy in Volvo.
\"There are three things that your vehicle has to do: explain who you are, show people what you are ready to do, and most importantly, let people scream in terror before you launch your first robotpiranha.
You\'re lucky because the crazy genius has done it for you.
The sea boat, called X, is a hydrofoil/submersible capable of performing actions unmatched by other vessels. . .
In any case, if they know what is good for them.
Check out the video of this beast in action.
Jumping sharks can travel on the water at a speed of 50 miles per hour, driving under the water at a speed of 25 miles per hour.
It can leap 16 feet in the air. -
Like you have to ask--
Of course, it can do barrel roll!
90% of villainy in the demo, when you \"show\" The baby in the next caper, you can bet that the water around the water man will suddenly warm up a little bit: is this car specially designed for super villain?
We don\'t know: can you get a Prius in a bloody semi-robot? animal print?
But you don\'t have to choose between Sharks.
Induced horror and performance: seabirds are equipped with a vector thrust system for optimal operability with a snorkeling Cam on the dorsal fin that allows you to see the surface underwater (
Part of the reason is that you are not blind, but most of the reason is that you will not miss the shock, fear and regret on the enemy\'s face)
There is even a stereo system with an iPod dock.
We recommend something of proper evil, such as the \"trip to Valkyries\", but this thing is very soundproof;
If you speak out and give the dog of war to Katie Perry, no one will judge.
If you want the damn mermaid to shut up with her stupid racist comic crab friend, you need super firepower and Uzi wrapped in Saran won\'t cut it.
Underwater machine gun into APS. fires 4. 75-inch nail-
Like a bullet, about speed.
It has more distance and penetration than anything else, just like the author of a comedy site ().
Even with the best visibility, the underwater range is far beyond sight, an amazing feat because most guns don\'t work at all underwater, if they work underwater, only a short distance.
But you don\'t want to be the lame man.
Ass villain of officially approved hardware, if the APS is so awesome, it must have been used by seals or something, right? Nope.
The seals use German. made .
In fact, even the Russians (
Who invented this damn thing?
Don\'t really use APS: it\'s heavy, big in size, hard to swim, launching it on the water will make your accuracy bad and will tighten the barrel quickly.
Water shootout is not a priority at all for most armies, so although it was originally designed by an official department of the Russian armed forces, too many applications are not seen anywhere.
In other words, it\'s a military-
Considered too impractical, unsafe or completely crazy for official use to develop, dive, nail gun.
No one can ask for a more appropriate super villain weapon, and if they do, why, you can simply shoot.
What if you could summon the most savage inhabitants of the deep blue ocean at will? The U. N.
Then take you seriously!
No longer laughed by you from the video screen!
Unfortunately, throwing blood and rotten fish parts into the water before the shark fleet arrives will scare away any uninformed victims.
Oh, if there are devices out there that can summon deadly, angry, uncontrollable sharks to your side without all the confusion and fuss!
But, alas, no one will sell it.
The possibility of abuse will be enormous;
What other possible uses besides supervilainy?
In their right mind, who will come up with something so obvious mean and crazy? Besides the U. S.
The government, of course.
Yes, it is clear that Uncle Sam has done extensive research and found the exact frequency of distressed fish attracting sharks.
They are also able to reliably replicate the phenomenon, but the device is too bulky to produce on a large scale.
Then good people (reckless fools! )
With this idea, At produced some portable devices that proved to be able to call fast, evil, unpredictable mako sharks over and over again.
We don\'t just throw adjectives everywhere either: they are really unpredictable.
This device prevents you from controlling sharks;
It does not make them meek or dizzy in any way.
In fact, because the frequency is imitating distressed fish, all sharks appear when they are hungry and ready to feed.
This is basically a dinner clock, from a few miles away you can hear the unconscious sound of eating the sea machine.
This is an almost custom device.
Built for the hungry super School
Predators on the beach full of water, unsuspecting swimmers.
Wait, who did they sell this to again?
What is their main population? Aquamen?
Just because you feed the puppy to Mutant Penguins over the weekend doesn\'t mean you\'re not a class and complicated villain.
Keep a large coastline in the shackles of fear, and roll in a stylish way, no longer need to exclude each other, since the Swiss Rinspeed company made the perfect car for today\'s fashionable arrogant car, no.
Rinspeed sQuba (And convertible! )sports car.
Yes, like James Bond in \"Hey\", just because the hero uses it doesn\'t mean the villain can\'t use it either.
If any, it is poetic cruelty to use his precious gadgets to him, or just to bring him general discomfort and pain. Cops after you?
This is not a problem when your car is a submarine;
Just take the bank robbery under the sea.
Did the Navy harass you again?
Baby, Let\'s take a look at a destroyer to follow your water brutality into the city center.
SQuba is the perfect car to connect two worlds, one high
Speed, guaranteed escape, or just lazy to do anything-
People who are not entirely amphibious animals.
Electric fish swim in your ocean.
Well, they will soon know how stupid it is to walk in the tense waters of your Ocean Empire, won\'t they?
It was developed on the surface for scientific research on stun fish without harming the fish, but for those buxom young vixens who go out for night nude swimming, it also
It\'s basically a sea-mounted Taser gun, shipped on a large area of the sea, completely paralyzed anything near it in two minutes.
There is even a portable backpack \"hostbuster\" model for personal use: it can only provide a voltage of 200 V, but it looks like a metal detector, so you can really reach the target directly without causing doubt. 1Jetlev-
Flyersupervilainy was too tired to please the work.
Of course everyone wants the hippie to shut up and save the damn whale, but you blew up a small protester with an eel cannon and suddenly it was a \"crime against humanity \".
\"Do you know what you need?
You need to relax. Have some fun.
Head to the beach and maybe rent a jet ski plane, just the tools around.
No, no, it\'s not your style: Is there a casual water car that can enjoy all the fun of jet skiing, but would also say, \"I live in a house that is hollowed out\"
Control the interests of small island countries with tsunami? There is! Meet the .
The flyer will not replace a good old Flyer
Old-Fashioned Shark hydrofoil as a dangerous crazy and suspicious daily commute toolsmelling;
Pure entertainment.
The flyer is permanently attached to the power unit--
A small automation ship with motor and fuel-by a 20-
Therefore, the distance and speed are limited to a safe and reasonable range of parameters.
Of course, when you drown a child in a huge high-pressure water spray, \"safe and reasonable\" is relative, interrupting the water ball game with your portable fountain, or just ridiculously laugh at the horror of paragliding when they realize there\'s a madman chasing them in the air. Yes, Jeev-
Flyers end up relaxing you, super villain\'s way: at the expense of innocent individuals.
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