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11 things you probably didn\'t know about airport security

by:Kenwei      2019-09-10
Take off your shoes, take off your belt, take that half
Empty bottle of water--
We know the general rules of airport security.
But what is happening behind the scenes, and which hackers will make you secure faster?
Let\'s share some of the most engaging security secrets.
You can pass without an ID card (
Most of the time).
Clearly, the traffic safety authority knows the pain of leaving a driver\'s license at home.
\"We understand that passengers occasionally arrive at the airport without an ID card because of missing an ID card or inadvertently leaving it at home,\" the TSA website wrote . \".
\"If this happens to you, it doesn\'t necessarily mean that you are not allowed to fly.
The \"security agent will use other public\" databases \"to confirm your identity and in most cases you will be happy to go after this (
Unless you are D. C.
In this case, things can get real and weird).
An app can tell you how long the security line is.
The My TSA app allows you to check the approximate safe line waiting time for multiple airports and add your own waiting time for others.
Busy with anything can also predict your waiting time in a few minutes.
No jam and salsa. ons.
According to TSA carry-these sticky substances are characterized as \"liquid and gel items\"on rules.
That means unless you have a super
Small salsa jars containing less than 3. 4 ounces (
Restrictions on liquids, gels and aerosol)
You won\'t have a chip. and-
Swim in the mid-air Carnival.
TSA also confiscated a cupcake in 2011, citing concerns about Frost (
To be fair, this could be a variety of \"cupcakes in pots).
In any case, it is best to have some snacks before packing. . . .
However, there is no limit to breast milk.
As long as you keep the \"reasonable amount\", you can carry more than three ounces of breast milk on the plane.
Be sure to declare at the security checkpoint. (
However, to be warned in advance, TSA has had some problems in the past. )
Undercover airmen fly in between you.
\"The federal air bailiffs must operate independently without backup and rank among those federal law enforcement officers who hold the highest standards for pistol accuracy,\" the TSA website wrote . \".
These bailiffs-
Who does his best to be like a regular passenger--
Check in and keep an eye on anything suspicious.
Yes, their numbers have declined in recent years, but according to a former federal air force Marshall in an interview with USA Today, there are still about 3,300 people.
You should focus entirely on TSA on Instagram.
Their hilarious feed includes confiscated wonders such as ninja stars, bats and too much marijuana.
You can be a security VIP.
If you are eligible for TSA pre-screening, you will head to a separate safe lane for faster screening at participating airports.
In this lane you don\'t have to take off your shoes, belt or jacket and liquid can stay in your carry-onon bag (
No need to dump into those plastic cases! ).
You must be an American citizen to join. S.
Citizens or legal permanent residents and visit the designated Application Center to pay $85.
Or register Clear--for $179/year (For individuals)
You can skip the long line at 9S. airports.
You can bring a screwdriver on the plane.
A screwdriver can be installed as long as it is less than 7 inch long (
Or wrench or pliers)in your carry-on bag.
The more you knowBut what about snowballs?
They are a little dramatic.
The internet was delighted during the 2012 holiday season when the updated TSA regulations announced that it would allow snowballs to be carriedon bags (
As long as they contain less than 3.
4 ounces of liquid, of course).
The days of hate and happiness have passed.
Suck the sign of \"no snowball.
All passengers do not need to check their luggage until 1970 seconds.
Pack X era-
Light and metal detectors did not appear until after the bomb scare and hijacking broke out on 1972.
The Air Transport Safety Act makes weapons.
All passengers and their carry-on must undergo inspectionons.
You can carry more than three ounces of liquid on board. . . .
But it must be on duty. free shop (womp, womp).
Oh, you have to fly to the United States on an \"international flight.
\"Liquid\" must be in a transparent container.
\"The store must pack them\" in a safe, tamperedevident bag. \" Still. . .
Everything went well for you and that liter of tequila.
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